10 Reasons why this is the best PPV chat script and video chat script available

  1. Code Quality

    ModenaCam is written from scratch using high quality OOP code and the latest technologies. This includes CodeIgniter framework, PDO as a safe database connection, and Memcache as a caching solution.

  2. Scalability

    ModenaCam is designed to work reliably even if you have tens of thousands of users connected at the same time. This is accomplished by load-balancing the video stream, the database, and the static content. No other company on the market offers anything even close… you'll wind up throwing away a load of cash and ultimately ending up with a useless PPV chat script. We pride ourselves on our ability to customize our video chat script for complete satisfaction.

  3. Security

    ModenaCam is designed to be totally secure. Streams can't be stolen, not even from the recorded video embed. All requests are verified server-side. If the user feeds bogus parameters, the system will deny his request.

  4. High Performance Web Technologies

    ModenaCam is fully compatible with high performance web technologies nGinx, Memcache, PHP-FPM, MySQL memory and PDO. Working in concert, these technologies translate to a nearly 900% performance boost.

  5. Code Access and Application Freedom

    It's your site. You should be free to host it on your own servers! We respect this, and even provide free setup of AMS on your server. Customers will have full access to all PHP files, MySQL database and content uploaded recorded on your site.

  6. Business Model

    Our business model is one of the most popular in the video chat industry. All features are exactly where they ought to be, and all the features perform as they should.

  7. An Intuitive, User-Friendly Interface

    Our websites are simple for users to comprehend. The interface is basic and simple, and the video chat design line is industry standard. In addition, users confirm every time they pay.

  8. Enterprise Features

    We understand all the needs your live streaming portal may have, and seek to cover them comprehensively. From high load efficiency and scalability, to HD broadcasting capabilities, we've got it – or will get it for you in no time. We even offer free site customization for every Owned License.

  9. This is a Platform You Can Build on and Grow With

    Our success depends entirely on yours. Consequentially, it is our top priority to satisfy you completely. Our product must always be highly functional, and must always grow steadily and easily. We'll always try to make the impossible happen.

  10. High-Scope Support Team

    Our team is also readily available to customize your portal with any changes and add-ons you may need, and to offer technical consultance for a wide array for programming languages: PHP, Flex, HTML/CSS/Javascript, Java, iPhone/iPad Objective C, Adnroid and server management. Additionally, you'll receive first 3 months free access to updated versions and support.


Mobile Compatibility
iPhones, iPads, Androids, Windows Mobiles

The mobile compatibility add-on using will make your live stream work on all mobile devices (Apple, Android and Windows devices).

Code Quality
High quality, secure OOP code

Video chat scripts purchased over the Internet are usually shiny and attractive, but it's what's underneath that counts… quite often these video chat or PPV scripts are not high quality. They're not object-oriented, validations aren't consistently server-side, and different parts of the site are done in different styles. Quite often, they don't use a proper and globally known framework, there is little to no emphasis on security, and the confusing and poor quality code is incomprehensible and unworkable for outside programmers.

ModenaCam stands in sharp contrast to these sad freelancer stories; it's been written in CodeIgniter, a world-renowned and trusted PHP OOP framework. This is key, because it means that other programmers will be able to easily add onto and alter the PPV chat scripts further on down the timeline.

We've set everything up with client-side validations, for a better overall user experience, and server-side validations for hermetic security. The efficiency is provided by the possibility to use the integration of Memcache, by far the best solution for MySQL caching, means that you are getting tremendous efficiency even with thousands of users on your site simultaneously.

Because of our outstanding programming acumen, we bypass problems considered common in this industry. Customers are never tricked in to paying unknowingly, paid sessions are impossible to steal, billing calls always have server-side validations, premium content is inaccessible without a valid subscription, and, with our use of PDO, queries are 100% safe against SQL injections.

Get the most from your site!

Your site will have an interface design that maintains attractiveness and intuition without sacrificing elegance or simplicity.

All the tools for the best shows

Your performer's interface is isolated from the public interface, helping to ward off any possible distractions.
Broadcasts can be made with either our fast web-based interface, or with Flash Media Live encoder if they want to put out HD quality.
Payout intervals are set to bimonthly, and are generated automatically.

Advanced Management

All studio owners have detailed access to performance details, session history, and payment records. They are also able to spy on their performers at any time.
Animated statistical graphs will clearly list every model's daily earnings, conversion ratios, and total time spent online.

Integrated marketing platform

Boost your sales with affiliate marketing! Offer them a percentage from every sale resulting from their references.
You may add as many marketing tools as you desire. Users are tracked using both cookies and IP, and statistics are updated in real time.

Private Chat
1 on 1, paid chat sessions

The most expensive variety of chat session, Private Chat gives users the feeling of total "control" over the performer, without any outside disturbances.
With Cam2Cam, users are even able to broadcast themselves back to performers during private shows, giving things a more "intimate" feel.

Multi chat
Multiple users, paid chat

A multiple user, paid chat session can end up being more profitable than any other configuration. Customers pay less than for Private Chats, but the potential for a large number of simultaneous users could end up spelling a windfall for you.

Peek shows
1 on 1 with others peeking, paid chat

This allows other customers to "spy" on a private session, at a lower cost than a normal session, without having access to the text chat. This chat type is similar to the Multi Chat format, and therefore will create similar profits.

Free chat
Multiple users, free chat

This is the format that turns the general public into paying customers. In free chat, performers tease new customers with a limited preview, which makes them want more and more!

Premium Content
Performers earn money while sleeping!

Users have the option of dropping cash on their favorite performer's premium photo and paid video galleries anytime, even if she happens to be offline.

Free changes
Fields, small design changes & texts

Every Owned License comes with free changes limited to two hours of work, which equals out to a $200 value. This includes design integration, color changes, feature removal, or other add-ons.

Free Hosting
AMS and cPanel web hosting

Included with your purchase of an Owned License (Plan I), you get 3 months of free hosting, and hosting is always included with Leased Licenses. After 90 days on the Owned License plan, you have the option of either upgrading to one of our hosting plans, or letting us transfer you to your own server with zero downtime.