Fully Rebrandable

Customize it as you wish

Ready in 3 days

Quick install and setup. Ready in 3 days

Over 30 payment gateways

Choose the best one for your needs

Main Features

Fully Rebrandable

It's your site, not ours!

You can easily edit the titles and footer in one place, and the changes will translate to the whole site. You are totally free to remove any and all ModenaCam references or badges from your site.

Multiple Languages

Translate your site like a pro!

We give you the ability to use as many languages as you need to ply your enterprise. Included in your package are language PHP files containing all the phrases, along with PSD sources for your images. You'll be able to translate your entire site without knowing a lick about programming. You'll even have access to automated language recognition, which is based on a browser's language or geographic location.

Mobile Compatibility Addon

iPhones, iPads, Androids, Windows Mobiles

The mobile compatibility add-on using FFmpeg to re-stream RTMP into HTML5 technology will make your live stream work on all mobile and tablet devices (Apple, Android and Windows).

Compatible With Any Payment Gateway!

Integration is completed within 5 business days

ModenaCam sites are able to be fully integrated with any and all payment gateways. The first setup with a compatible gateway is free, additional ones will cost $200 extra. For the gateways not listed on the partners page, the fee is $500 per payment gateway setup.

A Full Variety of Live Chat Sessions

Free, multi, private and peek

- Multiple users, free chat - this allows multiple users to chat with the performer at no cost. - Multiple users, paid chat - multiple users are billed to chat with the performer. "Multi Chat" appears on the home page buttons. - 1 on 1, paid chat - this is when a user calls the performer on a true private chat show, all other users are disconnected, and the performer is no longer available on the home page. Once the private chat ends, the performer's status is changed to "Dress Mode", and then she appears back online once she decides to do so. - 1 on 1 with others peeking, paid chat - "Peek Mode" allows other customers to "spy" on private sessions at a lower cost. Peeking customers do not have access to text chat.

Performer Goal System

Gold shows

Goal System (or Gold Show) feature allows the performer to set a topic representing an action to be performed once a set amount of credit from tips is accumulated. The credits are automatically added for convenience and the progress is displayed to all viewers to see. In addition to the topic and desired amount, the performer can also set a timeout to achieve the goal. If the amount is not achieved within that time, the goal is reset and the performer will not perform that action. This provides users with an incentive to quickly add tips as not to lose credits already tipped. The performer can also set a time to do the said action. For example set minutes to dance Salsa after the goal is reached. A progress bar indicates when the 2 minutes are up and he/she can stop dancing.

Real Time Chat Translation

Google translate API

Real time chat translation will allow your performers to communicate with foreigners much easier than before. The lines written by performers will be listed in 2 languages: the original text and the translated text.

Paid Video and Photo Galleries

Secure premium content

Paid videos and images allow you and your performers to earn money even when offline! This strategy has proven to be a great source of extra income for both performers and webmasters. Groups of random videos may also be displayed on the home page, maximizing exposure.

Efficiency and Reliability

Advanced caching technologies

We have chosen by far and away the most reliable software available for your site. The coding is highly efficient, so your server is able to perform better with less money and fewer resources. For exceptionally high traffic, ModenaCam is compatible with Memcache. Memcache can boost performance up to 700%.

User and Performer Signup Processes

Easy for users, foolproof for performers

1. User signup User signup has been designed to be as fast as possible in order to increase the conversions by minimizing the free chat to payment duration. 

2. Performer signup There are several steps a performer needs to complete, together with a 2257 compliant process. Their account needs to be manually approved before they are able to go live.

User Friendly Interface

HTML5 technology

Our web interface is both attractive and intuitive. In just one click, your users will be able to access free chat sessions. The chat interface allows performers access to important online user data. Clients can enlarge the screen and modify other controls.

Flexible Currency Options

Adjustable by administrator

Whatever currency you want to utilize for payment, make it so!  Credits, chips, or tokens.  $, €, or ¥.  Internal currencies are simple and transparent – users are able to fund their accounts with virtual currency instead of paying for sessions individually.  You save on processing fees, and are able to offer incentives for bigger plans

Performer Price Customization

Flexibility for your performers

Your performers will be able to set their own pricing options. As an administrator, you have the option of setting minimum and maximum pricing intervals. It is also possible for you to set the percentage you take from each paid session, as well as from views of recorded videos and premium photo galleries.

Real Time Private Chat Statistics

Performers can identify the big spenders

In free chat, performers will be able to see the balance and country of every user. This will make it easier for performers to choose who they want to flirt with… and will mean bigger profits for everybody. Performers and users will also be able to view the maximum available time for private chats.

Performer Tipping

Every penny counts

Users can send tips in both paid and free video sessions. Users can make their tips public to the whole chat, so everybody else knows and is encouraged to do the same. Bonus cash is the best cash!

Rating and Review System

Only after the chat

Keep the haters at bay! Our after chat Rate & Review feature allows only the users who actually went into chat with a performer to leave feedback about the experience. You will also be able to offer incentives and bonuses to performers based on ratings. Administrator has the ability to moderate these comments.

Private Messaging System

Keep them hooked even when offline

Users will be able to stay in touch with their favorite performers and have private conversations any time with this Private Messaging system, which features selective word filtering.

Video quality and Flash Media Live Encoder

FMLE and WEB based broadcasting

Video quality, the heart of the videochat business, is greatly improved with our video encoding technologies. Framerate, picture quality, and user bandwidth are all more than enough for the best experience possible.  If our fast web-based broadcasting interface isn't enough, your performers can always broadcast with Adobe's FMLE application. This allows high definition video and audio in the broadcast, and features a much more powerful and customizable interface. It's easy and fast to set up!

Multi Cam Broadcasting

Take it from another angle

Performers can utilize up to 3 different cameras during sessions. More angles = more entertainment = more clients = more money.

Cam 2 Cam live chat

Only for private shows

Cam2Cam allows the user to broadcast themselves to the performers, for a better connection.

UPDATED Chat Emoticons! Now with SWF animations!

When words aren't enough

Funny, expressive emoticons can say exactly with a wink or a smile what would otherwise take paragraphs. Spice things up in your live chats!

Performer Live Chat Options

Fully loaded interface

- Bell signals the beginning and end of paid sessions.
- Tip reception is heralded with audio notice - Video sessions are recordable, and automatically catalog listed
- Users can be banned or kicked out - Ban periods are configurable by administrator
- Tips are listed in the chatroom
- Performers can set a custom automated welcome message and a topic message
- Performers can see the country and available chips for every user

High Quality, HTTP Synchronized MP3 Player

Real time streaming

ModenaCam's new music player will give your performers the sounds to prove their talent. They'll be delighted to attract more clients with striptease shows.

Word Filters

Applies to any conversation

There are 3 different settings for filtering of bad words: words that will be censored with "****", words that will automatically result in a temporary kick of the user and words that will ban the users.

Bandwidth Settings


Performers are able to select from 3 different bandwidth settings. Set up the resolution, framerate, and image quality from the XML configuration file. Quality settings are automatically selected after running bandwidth tests.

Chat Interface with Editable XML Settings

No programming knowledge necessary

Chat interface configuration (colors, bandwidth settings, welcome messages, and Cam2Cam options) is easily updated on your own. Do it quickly, with no outside intervention.


Administration Area

Administration Area

Total site control

In the Admin area, you can set the price per minute, pricing plans, change all settings, spy on performers, view and edit the performers and users, view statistics… basically control every single aspect of your site.

Invisible Chat Supervision

Surveillance at its finest

Spy on your performers so you can see how they interact with users. Nobody needs to know. You also have the power to ban and kick out users.


Keep everybody posted

A newsletter is a fantastic way to keep your users abreast of all the latest developments. Messages are dispatched in a way that will not overload your server.

Chat logs

All conversations are saved

Look over your chat logs so you know that your performers aren't breaking any rules. Logs are stored in the database, and automatically deleted once an admin-specified limit has been reached.

Create/delete/edit Performer's Payment Methods

Outgoing payments

You can easily manage the payment options for your performers, and you can edit the fields they should fill in, including the release amounts.

SMTP Mail Compatibility

Improve mail delivery

All the e-mails sent from your site are reliable through your SMTP mail server. Mail will be delivered straight to users' inboxes with zero delay!

Extended logging

You know everything

Every single action from the administrator, performers, or users is logged into your database. Problems can be settled quickly, easily and completely, without affecting any more people than necessary.


Other Features

User Sessions Limiter

Keeping users limited to one chat session, or one video, at any one time helps to prevent them from abusing the site.

Editable Categories

Administrator has total control over which categories are listed on the site.

Crawlers See All the Languages

Search Engine Optimization is improved when you're using more languages, as listed by the parameters in the URL.

Brute Force Protection

Protection is extended to cover all user and admin area logins.

Memcache Optimizations

Heavily used tables in the database are cloned in Memcache in order to improve speed and reduce hardware costs..

Multiple Billing Plans

You get to choose whether you allow free chats or not, whether you wish to disable private chat, what the minimum session time is, etc.


All the queries pass through PDO which is SQL injection safe, compared to PHP's unsafe mysql_real_escape_string function.

Login Log

All logins are logged on the database, in order to reduce possible fraud and multiple accesses.

Protected content

All the premium content, which includes paid videos and images, are secured from unauthorized access or leeching caused by account sharing.

Performer State Ban

Performers can ban users from entire countries, or even from individual states within the U.S.

Custom Commissions

You can define a custom commission for every performer, besides the default value.

Auto Close Invitations

The users can now invite the performer to multi chat, just like they invite to private chat. If the performer accepts the invitation, all other users in the room will be invited to join the multi chat.