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ModenaCam - Everything is possible.

Advanced custom coding for our clients. Anytime.

Free Customization for Owned Licenses:

  • Titles, header text, copyright texts, meta tags
  • Addition of new links of images
  • Modification of fields from signup steps
  • Modification of texts, images, colors, and fonts
  • Any other changes limited to 2 hours of work

Custom coding services

Modifications or Add-Ons

Everyone's unique and so are successful sites! There is no product that can satisfy everyone. We present the proof that we can make it happen. Changes, small or complex can be accomplished to satisfy your needs.

Portals Created from Scratch

Turnkey sites are easily created by our senior developers. All requests are welcome!

Site Security

We keep it tight with complete security audits, black box testing, and PCI DSS compliance consulting services.

Design Integration / Modification

We'll integrate any custom design into your ModenaCam portal. Prices start at $1,690, and you'll be all set in 2 weeks.

Code Optimization

Traffic analysis, Memcache implementation, CDN integration, or nGinx setup.

Search Engine Optimization

High-quality, targeted, organic traffic to your site is guaranteed within a few weeks.

360 degree Web Programming Coverage

Our team has been together for over 10 years, with dedicated experience creating complete enterprise web applications using CodeIgniter. We have 12 senior programmers, 5 juniors, and 3 designers.

Our experience

php / MySQL

We are skilled at creating stable and scalable enterprise web applications with PHP, the most popular web script language, combined in a CodeIgniter framework with MySQL database engines.


We can create HTML5 code from any PSD design you submit to us. You'll love the cross-browser compatibility and mobile-device-friendly interfaces.

ActionScript + Adobe Media Server / Wowza

Our team has over 10 years of experience handling a large portfolio of Flex applications, 3D games, and live P2P streaming interfaces. We can handle any kind of task you need.

Objective C, C#, C++

Our team has created over 20 iPhone/iPad games and apps, and over 10 Windows and Linux server APIs and security tools.

Linux/Unix Management

Don't waste any more time managing your server, creating clusters, migrating from location to location, and securing your server. We take care of all these things for our new customers.