ModenaCam v5.1 Release, Faster than Ever, Customization at a Click!

Jan 31, 2018


Thanks to customer’s feedback, we are proud to present to you, the new update 5.1:

              We’ve analysed and came with solutions! Now the platform is easier to use and faster than ever:

  Fixes :

  • default gateway - being able to add credits to an account without a integrated gateway (for testing purposes)
  • mobile user - register bug - integrate data validation for mobile platform
  • e-mail templates - replace all connections to ModenaCam and create the templates to adapt after your website’s name and url
  • user messenger - fixed for more than 10 messages display bug
  • https terms - fix on the installer, the install will only work by default on https urls


  • friendlier colors for the fonts on chat
  • 404 page - change User Interface
  • language lines that were not in the default language template
  • changed the review rating system
  • videos run smoother than ever
  • integrated models of: terms and conditions, privacy policy, 2257 Policy


Now let’s go to the fun part!

Features- easier than ever to customise YOUR platform:


1. Appearance: giving you the freedom to be unique

We’ve already created few themes for you:

  •   Red theme

red theme

 Test your future business

  •  Non-adult theme - we believe videochat is the future! And the future is not just adult.

blue team
                   We wish to cheer for the non-adult team too!

                    So we made it possible!

           Once you decide to be in the non-adult team, we will strip everything adult and make your dream come true!


How can you exercise your creativity?

We offer you the possibility to:

  • Play with the width

You can decide the width of the main page, either full (the width adapts to all screens) or static (the classic ModenaCam)



  • Play with the performer box style

The performer box can be overlayed (the description overlays the profile picture only if you place the mouse on it) or static (the description is a part of the profile picture)

It’s your decision if your performers have a rating system!

You can enable or disable the icons background, depending on your design.

You can customise even the rate color of the stars

performer box 


  • Play with the colors 

As you can see,you can change the colors of all the texts, background and the performer's boxcolor

                        text colors


  • Play with the header and footer

You have options to further change the colors on your platform

                          header and footer


  • Want to make the mobile/tablet add-on match?



  • Want to work faster? Make the changes directly in CSS Code:

With CSS Code you can change everything you desire,colors, sizes etc.


                     Css code


  • Not good with code? 
  • Don’t worry, you just need to find the desired colors and shades and it’s on your platform!

We’ve made possible for you to copy any possible color, the color box will follow you on every page! 





  • Not satisfied with the results? You can reset everything anytime!


2. Source minification (HTML, CSS, JS)

  • all the sources are being minified before arriving at the user’s side so that the browsers know to properly cache everything. The internal caching system from CodeIgniter only works on minified sources.
  • This also reduces the server load and response time, improving the end user experience.



We are prepared to stay ahead of the market as always, so we will be releasing a major update in a few months, we are ready to embrace HTML5 technologies.

The question is, are you?

Test your future business






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